We've cracked the success code and are helping coaches who struggle with getting paid premium prices for their unique gifts, and show them 
how to earn 6 & 7-figures, doing what they love, 
while making a huge impact on the world
 Turn Your Passion Into Profits & Make A Bigger Impact, Globally.
For years, I was struggling with the fact that I wasn’t making a big enough impact on the world with my unique gifts. Maybe you can relate? 

I was working as a clinical therapist and my schedule was full. I was working all the time, yet I wasn’t making the money or the impact I wanted to be making in the world. I was struggling with something many coaches struggle with...
there just wasn’t enough time in the day to do everything I wanted to do. 

I found myself posting articles, making videos and trying to reach more people, but I wasn’t getting paid for any it. As a single mom, I was struggling paying the bills and having enough time to spend with my daughter, Jess.

Then, 11 years ago, EVERYTHING CHANGED!

I put together all the skills I learned through my education, work and life experiences, and grabbed one of the TOP FINALIST spots on ABC’S American Inventor TV Show.

I had the honor of working with Peter Jones (20th richest man in the world) and Simon Cowell (walk of fame recipient), who taught me the most AMAZING SUCCESS SECRETS!

When I began implementing Simon Cowell & Peter Jones strategies and tactics into my business, I increased my income 10X’S in less than 12 months and grew to over ONE MILLION DOLLARS in only two years.  

Today, it’s my pleasure to share these EXACT strategies with you!  
My story has reached over 60 million people in 22 countries and has been featured on Lifetime TV, ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS news, Entrepreneur, Forbes and countless media outlets. WOW! I never thought that I would be able to make such a big impact, but it keeps getting bigger and I want to show you how you can do this, too. 

You are a transformational 
A coach. A consultant. An expert.
A thought-leader 
in your field.

You are a transformational entrepreneur.
A coach. A consultant. An expert.
A thought-leader in your field.

You understand that getting qualified, high ticket leads that want to work with you, is priceless.
These potential clients understand that you have unique talents that are different from others in your field. 

These clients not only get what you do, but they're committed to having transformational results in their lives. 

 They want to show up, do the work, and get amazing results.

 These kinds of clients will make you want to 
jump out of bed in the morning.

Without High Ticket Clients like these, 
your business is doomed to fail.

 Forbes states that 50% of the workforce will be freelancers, by 2020. Coaching is the largest growing business and with growth, comes a lot of struggle.
More than 97% of coaches will FAIL in their first few years.

 Which means that all your genius, all the time you invest into growing your business, will cost you a lot of money 
and worse, yet…..WASTED TIME!

We can help. 

There are 3 coaching models that are causing 97% of coaches to FAIL, in their first few years.  

Most strategies just aren’t working any more. Such as
blogging, writing articles, working 1:1, creating packages and giving every spare moment to trying to scale your business.
This is all about working harder and not smarter. 

There is a big difference between growing your audience 
and growing your profits .
We are different.

We teach our transformational entrepreneurs innovative strategies that really work. 

Our business model focuses on the two components that 97% coaches are missing in their business;

1. Mindset training.
2. Business skills.

By combining the two, 
our cutting-edge program is unique to all others. 

Our exclusive 50/50 Mindset/Business Method 
allows you to simultaneously transform your business 
while controlling your mind; eliminating stress, anxiety, overwhelm and procrastination.

We are creating TOP 3 PERCENT COACHES that are both succeeding AND thriving above their competition.

By using our 8 step process, you will create your Transformational System and turn it into a money making machine that attracts High Ticket Clients to you. 

We teach you our proprietary Reward/Impact algorithm of success, showing you how to building a coaching business that allows you to Turn Your Passions into Profits, 
while freeing up your time, allowing you to 
make a bigger impact in the world .
Peter Jones
20th Richest Man in the World
Jodi's Amazing Mentor
"Jodi's passion for life is something that would sell for millions if it could be bottled. A truly beautiful person with an amazing heart and dream.  
A Must Work Mentor of Coaches!
 for any Entrepreneur, Coach or Consultant wanting to advance your business and exceed your dreams." 
“Jodi is a poster child for energy, enthusiasm and never say die passion. Read, listen and learn from her if you want a jolt of inspiration to turn your dream into reality.” 


Doug Hall, Founder/CEO Eureka! Ranch Judge ABC’S American Inventor 
 “Jodi Pliszka tells a story of trial and triumph that will encourage even the hardest hearted person to believe reinvention—of yourself, your ideas, and your dreams–is possible. Bravo to one brave and resilient woman!” 

Mary Lou Quinlan, Judge, 
ABC’s American Inventor  
“It was a pleasure meeting Jodi! I feel like I found a long lost friend. Jodi Pliszka’s presentation was energetic, entertaining and a very personal impact on us.  Her story is one that transforms and can be applied to both personal and professional challenges.” 
Jeannett Jackman, Department of Energy. 
“From start to finish, Jodi’s energy inspires you to fulfill your own dreams and create your own victories, savoring every moment of life presented to you! Relatable, real, honest, driven, a true breath of hope in challenging times, Jodi sets you on the right path. Every day we are presented with blank pages on which we can write our own story of triumph through perseverance; Jodi shows us how to write through her example!” 

Rick Rose, Entrepreneur, TV/Radio Host
“Jodi’s presentation brought our crowd to their feet.  Her program is heartwarming and delightful! By far, the best keynote speaker  our annual Women’s Leadership Breakfast has ever had!  Her ability to laugh at her challenges and to turn them into opportunities was pure inspiration for all who attended.  I would recommend Jodi Pliszka in a heartbeat for any event that is meant to help a person grow in spirit and character!  Fantastic!” 
Terry Letvinchuck , Director of Dev.
“Jodi gave a very enthusiastic presentation on turning obstacles into opportunities. Her passion for helping empower others to see their goals as obtainable was clear, and her ability to find humor and strength in the struggles life has presented her is commendable. The candid way in which she shared her life story with the audience is not something you see in every presenter, and added a unique and personal touch..."
Samantha Stark, Director MPL Inc
The MAD (Mom and Daughter) podcast is designed to inspire, uplift, and add a little motivation into your busy day. We love giving back and helping people understand how they can achieve every goal they set for themselves. We love empowering people and want to help you learn to trust yourself, without overthinking things.  We know that you might need our help in transforming your life, right now.
"Jodi's passion for life is something that would sell for millions if it could be bottled. A truly beautiful person with an amazing heart and dream.  A MUST HAVE PROGRAM for any Entrepreneur or person wanting to exceed your dreams." 
Peter Jones
20th Richest Man in the World
Jodi's Amazing Mentor
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