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One of the clients that I worked with was stuck in making six figures for the past ten years. 

When we removed the emotionally charged layers in his mind, he realized that he had a limiting belief that was holding him back. 

His mom would always complain that his dad worked too many hours and wasted precision family time, just for the money. She would constantly tell her son that money is the devils bidding and that millionaires are evil. 

This became a program that was wired into his brain.  As he moved forward in his own business, he would see all his friends jumping into the seven-figure arena, but was never able to take his business to that next level, no matter what he did. 

Most people try to make these changes occur on their own, but keep reverting back to the old way of thinking, such as hearing his mom say that millionaires are evil.  

This is when we starting working together, after he decided that he couldn’t do this on his own. 

The Daily Brain Training Neural Changing techniques that I teach in my program, helped to change these neural patterns and create new ones.  It takes having the right information presented… 

in the right order….  

at the right time….. 

In order for lasting change to occur. 

After realizing that his mother’s voice in his head was keeping him from moving forward into the seven-figures, he released this limiting belief, by retraining his brain, and jumped into seven-figures within the first 12 months. 

This quantum leap was achieved by changing the decisions in his mind and creating a new empowering thought that was congruent with his goals and desires. 

The first thing you need to do when working the Daily Brain Training Neural Changing techniques is: 

1. Identify what the negative internal dialog is that you are having with yourself and pinpoint the internal roadblock or the limiting belief. 

2. Next, you need to give yourself permission to shift your attention away from the old belief and consciously decide to make a new decision. 

As you move through life, you need to realize that there are going to be “triggers” that activate your old brain patterns and limiting beliefs. 

The first thing you need to do is  

1. Recognize that this belief is emerging  

2. Next, you need to listen to what this belief is saying and understand that it is an old belief and you can control it by not listening to what it is saying to you. 

3. Finally, you need to pay attention to your new belief that is congruent with your current way of thinking. 

Let’s look at the example of my millionaire client who’s mom told him that millionaires were evil.   

When this thought starts to emerge in his brain he follows the three steps to controlling his mind. 

1. He recognizes that his mom’s voice is turned up and starting to come through in his mind. 

2. He listens to the voice saying that millionaires are evil and makes the conscious decision to not listen to its message. 

3. Finally, he focuses on his new thought that being a millionaire is a positive and success-driven event that occurs when you work hard. 

In neuroscience they say that the..

“neurons that fire together, wire together.” 

So, here’s a little trick to interrupt the firing of the old neural connections.  When you feel fear, stress, overwhelm and self-doubt creeping into your mind, take four or five deep breaths from your belly.  

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2-Minute QUIZ Reveals All:  Give it a try!
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